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Yumi Feet brings its considerable expertise to every product it develops and sells. With a constant concern to provide the very best treatment, Yumi Feet brand products are made according to very strict manufacturing processes.

In accordance with the most demanding requirements in terms of quality, the De Si Jolis Pieds treatment is a class I medical device.

De Si Jolis Pieds is a medical device made in France



Developed in close collaboration with laboratories that apply an Advanced Quality Control system, all Yumi Feet products are made and packaged in France. Approved by the ANSM (French national drug agency).
By choosing De Si Jolis Pieds, you can work with total peace of mind, with a treatment entirely developed, made and certified in France, with no risks or inconvenience, for you or your customers.

Entirely developed,
made and certified
in France.
innovation 18
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