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De Si Jolis Pieds, a treatment 100% Made in France

The De Si Jolis Pieds callus treatment is part of the Yumi Feet product range. Entirely developed and made in France, De Si Jolis Pieds benefits from Yumi Beauty’s know-how.The “Made in France” label has become a true guarantee of quality capable of securing customer loyalty.

French customers are more and more demanding and more and more likely to opt for French products.As a 100% French-made product, the De Si Jolis Pieds treatment is shaking up the beauty sector as it offers a higher quality product than other callus treatments used by professionals.

With its extreme ease of application and increased cost-effectiveness for beauticians and salons, De Si Jolis Pieds meets all customers’ needs.Finally, by choosing De Si Jolis Pieds, you are opting for a quality product Made in France, and you are therefore helping to keep jobs in France.

innovation 18
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