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The Yumi Feet Kits

Discover the revolutionary treatment
for your clients to get pretty feet!

Yumi Feet treatment Kits allow you to meet the demand of your customers and optimize your purchases. According to your needs you can choose from 15 to 90 procedures.



The Yumi Feet patches are the simple
and quick way to treat calluses.

The procedure is personalized to each of your clients. One treatment includes 2 individually packed patches adaptable to the foot size (patches can be easily cut & applied only on the heels).

Each patch is filled in with a lotion acting on the calluses in only 15

Duo Feet device

Duo Feet Device

The Duo Feet device is a unique
instrument available only at Yumi Feet

Essential supplement of the De Si Jolis Pieds, it has two functions thanks to its two sides.

The scraper side gently removes the softened callosities in a painless, safe and fast way after the application of the patch.

A smoothing side, with an adaptable & disposable smoothing foot file sticker, completes the work of the scraper by erasing the rest of the callosity.

After Care Cream

Aftercare Cream

To finish the Anti-Callosities Callus Treatment De Si Jolis Pieds we propose you to apply a cream which nourishes and softens the feet skin.

Aftercare Cream has a unique composition which makes its silky. It moisturizes the skin and gives it all the sweetness it deserves. Application on the daily basis is recommended in order to prolong the effect of the Yumi Feet treatment.

This cream is available in two formats: 75 ML for the final clients and 200 ML for the professional use.

The treatment
Marketing materials

Marketing & Advertising

To promote this revolutionary treatment in your institute, Yumi Feet provides many different marketing materials.

Flyer, brochure, poster … everything has been designed to give visibility to the Yumi Feet treatment in your beauty institute.

Communication support to raise the awareness of the Yumi Feet treatment and brand. Let your clients discover the powerful treatment with outstanding results.

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