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The treatment

The callus treatment
par excellence

Designed to get rid of calluses in just 15 minutes, Yumi Feet’s De Si Jolis Pieds treatment provides a simple, effective and cost-effective solution for calluses that can be used by all beauty professionals.
With immediate results, this revolutionary product, 100% developed and made in France, meets very strict quality standards, enabling it to secure the loyalty of its customers.

Feet as soft
as a baby’s
in minutes

Discover the treatment in video

The De Si Jolis Pieds callus treatment is extremely easy to use, with a few simple steps to obtain optimum results.

Summary of the steps involved:


Application of the De Si Jolis Pieds patches

Wearing protective gloves, apply the De Si Jolis Pieds patches directly on the calluses.
Attention, make sure to fold up the patch under the foot.

the patch
with gloves

Step 2

Enveloping the patches

The patches must be held in place for 15 minutes and wrapped in cling film to optimise the effect of the treatment.

Wrap with cling
film for
15 minutes


Step 3

Removal of the calluses

After removing the first patch, remove the surplus dead skin using the Duo Feet device (scraper side).
Then use the smoothing side of the Duo Feet device after first applying the soothing tape to eliminate the rest of the callus.
Repeat the operation for each patch removed.
Rinse the foot well with lukewarm water.
Or use a hot towel to remove the rest of the product for an even more comforting treatment.

rinse the foot
well with
lukewarm water

Step 4

Moisturising and nourishing the skin

To complete the treatment, apply the AfterCare moisturising cream to the foot. We recommend repeated use of this cream every evening by the customer, to guarantee an optimum lasting effect.If necessary, this treatment can be repeated once a month without risk. All the products used in the De Si Jolis Pieds treatment are guaranteed paraben-free.

complete the
with the

De Si Jolis Pieds is classed as a medical device.Before using it, read all the warnings and instructions on the packaging attentively.
Avoid all contact with the eyes.
Do not apply to damaged or irritated skin.
Stop the application immediately if any irritation of the skin appears: if it persists, seek medical advice.
If you are diabetic, seek advice from a specialist.
Do not apply to the face or mucous membranes.
Do not apply to the skin with any other medicines or medical products.
Always wear gloves when handling the patches.
Avoid contact with skin where there are no calluses.
Disposable product, do not reuse once opened.
Disinfect the tools used after each treatment and throw away the smoothing tape (1 tape per customer).

innovation 18
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